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Edible Westside | Summer 2012 issue | Cover photo by Rachel Swetnam

Sour Beer article in Edible Westside magazine

Edible Westside | Summer 2012 issue | Cover photo by Rachel Swetnam

I scream for sour beer

Just this March, a brand new Los Angeles food magazine sprung into existence called Edible Westside. The debut Spring 2012 issue was stellar, and I’m not *just* saying that because it contained an article I’d written on SoCal wheat beers! Everything about it was incredible, and I couldn’t wait to be a part of the Summer 2012 issue. Well, fast forward to June and here she is in all her glory.

I was honored to be asked to write another article, this time focusing on spontaneous fermentation and sour beers. It gave me a chance to do some really in-depth research (not just drinking…) and I was able to interview a few pretty nice people, who also happen to be experts in the field, like Chris White, eponymous president of San Diego’s White Labs and co-author of Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation. I also interviewed several esteemed brewmasters: Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Co. (Santa Rosa, CA), Patrick Rue of The Bruery (Placentia, CA), Tomme Arthur of Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, CA), and the undisputed king of spontaneous fermentation, Jean Van Roy from Brouwerij Cantillon (Brussels, Belgium)!

Behold… my sour beer article in Edible Westside magazine

I also cooked up a recipe for Oysters with a Sour Beer Mignonette on the Edible Westside blog, since there was a really great article on Carlsbad Aquafarms oysters in the same issue. Not an oyster fan? Me either. Stir in some extra virgin olive oil and turn the mignonette into an awesome salad dressing!

To keep up on all things awesome in between quarterly issues:
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I’ll be back in the fall issue with an article on mead (on shelves September 1) and in the winter issue with an article on barleywines (on shelves December 1).


French Country Boule Recipe

French Country Boule & Rosemary Potato Focaccia

French Country Boule & Rosemary Potato Focaccia

I’ve been writing and working up a storm this week, and sadly haven’t had time to share pics and recipes of the bread I baked for my buddy Dean’s birthday. He’d been harassing me for bread for years, and I finally caved in. (You’d think a guy with a license plate frame that says “I’d Rather Be Baking Bread” wouldn’t take so damn long to throw a loaf or two in the oven for a friend!)

His questions to me online were:

  1. Are you coming to my birthday party?
  2. Are you bringing bread?

Suffice it to say that I needed to get my ass in the kitchen. I decided to bake two different breads, not sure exactly what he wanted and not wanting to ruin the surprise, since I told him that I didn’t have time to make any bread, even though I’d already made the starters a few hours before he’d asked. (I know. Slick, right?) (more…)

BeerAdvocate #34 - November 2009

Beer Advocate # 34 — Back to Basics

BeerAdvocate #34 - November 2009. Pictured: Sean Z. Paxton's south of the border cornbread stuffing with beer, caramelized onions, and chorizo

BeerAdvocate #34 - November 2009

Be sure to check out this month’s issue of BeerAdvocate magazine! It concludes my two-part “Back to Basics” series that focused on the four main ingredients that combine to make our beloved beer.

This month’s feature took an in-depth look at water and yeast, the backbone of every great brew, and how such seemingly simple ingredients can have such a large effect on the final beer’s aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey chimed in and shared his feelings on water quality and working with sometimes finicky microorganisms.

Hops and malt were the center of discussion in last month’s issue, drawing on insight from some of the nation’s brewers. Mitch Steele (Stone Brewing Co.), Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River Brewing Co.), and Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) wax poetic about their love for craft beer, harping on the finer points of selecting the right hop strain and the delicate balance it must achieve with just the right amount of carefully malted barley.

In case you missed either issue, they are both still available for purchase through BeerAdvocate — Issue #33 (Part 1: Malt & Hops) and Issue #34 (Part 2: Water & Yeast). Happy reading!


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